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Play with Clay for a Day

Play with Clay for a Day

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P O T T E R Y    W O R K S H O P    10.09.2022

There is nothing like working with clay.  I'm inviting you to explore different hand building techniques with me in my leafy backyard studio in Maroubra.

You'll have plenty of clay to form pinch pots, practice joining, carving and pressing in patterns.  We will decorate some with underglaze and try sgraffito and filling in etching.  In the afternoon we will concentrate on small slab clay forming.

The workshop will have up to 6 students.  A platter of snacks will be available to browse through the day and tea and coffee options as well. We will begin at 9am, break for a 1/2 hr byo lunch and finish up at 3pm. If you're keen to get on the road early and need a lunch option, arrive a bit earlier and grab your lunch from Grumpy Baker which is at the end of my street before you arrive.

The day will cost $170 which includes clay, firing fees and I will be doing some glazing off site for the class.

A return trip will be required to Maroubra some 2-4 weeks after the workshop to collect your fired pieces. I will text you when they are ready and how to collect from the front of my house.  Every care is taken to transport your creations, but there are many expert hands that it will go through.  From time to time there are accidents and breakages do occur.  We always hope this never happens, and it rarely does, but please be aware this does happen in all studios, often we make multiples for this reason.

Clay is so marvellous to shape and so satisfying to have your creations used and admired in your home and family life. I am so eager to share this experience and start you on your pottery journey.

~ Phi Morton