mini vases

"Petals, leaves, sprigs and buds, cottage flowers, succulent clippings and dried gums..."

These mini vases transform tiny nooks and crannies in your home office, bathroom or kitchen into tiny gardens of Eden!  This collect has also been popular for thoughtful gift givers as they are shippable, storable and pack a punch when it comes to looking amazing with sprigs from the garden.

Phi's Inspiration

My mum is an avid gardener and in high school when I would go into the busy study period, my mum would bring me a small crystal vase of violets and put it on my desk.  I still can almost remember the design of the leaves and it made me feel loved and less stressed. I'll continue to make these in memory of her acts of kindness, she is still around and even helps me out with my garden. I'll continue to make these as I believe that kindness multiplies when you are both a receiver and a giver and I'd love to resource you up for that too when sometimes the situation is too hard for words.

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