Phi Morton Art - Sydney Beaches Pottery

Meet Phi Morton

Phi Morton is a maker from birth and now hand makes ceramics from her Maroubra studio on Gadigal Land.  Inspired by her natural surroundings of ocean and cliffs and having an inquisitive science background these blend into her processes and artwork.

Sometimes with her head in the clouds, her feet are always planted on solid rock.  These are two objects she often makes as it reminds her of the spirit that moves and of truth that does not fail.

As life would have it, sorrow has deepened her understanding of joy. What she makes is an expression of this joy.

Phi, pronounced 'fy', approaches her craft with curiosity and to make lasting tokens to strengthen our hearts on our journey of life.  

Clay's tactile benefits are too good to keep to the studio and Phi has been sharing inspiring art workshops for kids and adults since 2017 and has recently shifted away from kids to more adult workshops.

If you'd love to know when new pieces are available or learn from Phi and her discovery of clay, be the first to know via an email ePostcard sent periodically to share creative tips, online shop updates and exhibition dates. Once signed up please check your junk folder or inbox for your welcome email.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around! 

x Phi